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„City of jungle“ is a team that wants to tell young people about important and noteworthy, new and yet undiscovered, meaningful and mundane things that rotate around each of our daily routine. We care about you, your friends or colleagues non-standard interests, your creative experience and amazing things, which happens around you, in your city!

In our opinion, the young person is the one who constantly seeks to improve and desire to expand their horizons, to actively participate in society and believes himself to be inquisitive. Therefore, the date written on your birth certificate, it does not matter to us! What counts is how much you are young in your heart.

„City Of Jungle“ has 4 young characters-columnists, who well manage writing pen and photo/video camera. They are friends and roommates, colleagues or soul mates – we leave it to solve to your imagination.

It’s nice to meet you, dear new friend. We believe that you will show to everybody the most interesting things and will tell amazing stories about you, your city and your world!