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Till the last minute I was wondering what should I write to you for the first time. This letter is very important to me and for City Of Jungle team. Btw, my mom will be reading this letter certainly and then call me and say her critical view. Because of that I’m feeling nervous even when I type it in a white sheet, I feel like I was awarded an Oscar and with trembling voice I’m trying to say my speech on the big stage.

However, don’t think that gate opening means for us Oscar-worthy feat. This step is a very big deal for us, but allowed a few moments to enjoy ourselves, we continue to work. We have so many aspirations that it’s difficult to imagine how we will accomplish tasks till the deadlines. And yet, we are trying to do thing in the best way possible so badly that we can promise to move forward at lightning speed, and offer to you many interesting articles and events.

Are you familiar with City of jungle authors? Let them become the guiding stars for the classification of your articles by topics. But now we would like you to watch our first presentation video, which saw the light of the internet at the beginning of 2015.

City of Jungle from City of Jungle on Vimeo.

Well, now is the time to meet these four city characters, peek at their jungle city kitchen, fall into the colorful daily lives. Furthermore, it’s time to enter into meaningful discussions and… It’s time for you to show the world your incredible experience. Your exciting life is important to us!

City of jungle is a community of a young and creative people and every person who has ideas can join us. Is that you? We want to grow together!

One friend, after hearing my monologue about this project, said So sad that I am too old for your staff – I’m thirty years old…. With a huge smile on my face, I tried to explain to him that it doesn’t matter what number is on your birth certificate. People grow old because of their narrow world outlook. After all, deep in your heart you are still so young!

Your age is not the limit! We want to read your insights or recommendations, reflections or your daily experience – we will be happy to share them with the world. Please contact us if you are interested.

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By the way, don’t forget to visit me, because here you will find articles too. Sometimes they will be biting, sometimes intriguing, even preachy or just forthright. 😉



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