It’s been exactly a year since His Majesty Rave and I got into a relationship. One year anniversary, sounds pretty serious… However, as things just got real I’ve decided this could be my best chance to put an end to it. Yes, there were bad days, and good days, but this intensity can’t go on forever. Fancy staying friends? Lovers, maybe?

It is no secret – this circus of parties captures you in no time. Partying is fun, experiencing the unexperienced seems like a miracle at first, overtaking your own body and not stopping until tomorrow or the day after – as if it was youth itself messing around with your health. Smiles, laughter, dances… Some other things, too. You get it. At least from what your books or friends have told you.

Lately, I have been discussing the matter mostly with those who’ve put this Rave thing on hold and after taking a better look at their lives couldn’t help but say: „God, it’s fake, do we really need this? It’s nothing but trying to escape yourself or the reality.“ To race with the routine and problems that come with it is totally fine on a Friday night, or Saturday, even both if you like. Yet most of the time this goes on for a little bit longer than expected.

What’s next? It’ll come to you with time. Thoughts on temporariness and fakeness, how few friends or actually none you have in this, how you’ve been stuck in the same place for some time now, having added no real meaning neither to your life, nor to the lives of others, or the entire society, as the whole energy of yours has been dedicated to raving and getting yourself back on your feet. And the good side of this  – well, there is none.

Once this captivating circle starts turning, you don’t know how to get out, it becomes scary and suddenly you no longer want to let it go as this would make you relearn the art of living your life. Addiction – there is no better word for it. Of course, it is not entirely up to it. Some other factors in one’s environment play their parts, too – the will, the ambiance of one’s life, etc. However, if you happen to go through emotional or some other sort of breakdown, you may just want to hold on better, kid! Because when Rave gets a hold of you, it may take a while until it lets you go. It would be easier to resist this Rave culture if it wasn’t for the fangs that it has successfully sunk deep into our lovely Land by now. But it is what it is.

I couldn’t have thought of a better way to celebrate this anniversary of ours than making it loud. I can hear you say: so this is how you guys are breaking up? Well, it’s not always as easy as you wish. Just like smoking, when you try to quit you are faced with two options – do it quick and cause yourself a little bit of a shock or do it nice, slowly, and hope for the best. It may come across a little bit naive as shutting Rave out of my life completely has never been an option for me. It’s more about taking this relationship to another level where a date becomes a surprise and their number is overall decreasing. So I can only wish myself to make this work.

Take some preventive actions. Do stuff, and do it often! Feeling like stuck in this black hole again? Read books, do sports (I can’t believe I’m saying that), level up your studies, your work, choose whatever interests you. And if you haven’t found that thing yet, just remember – do anything that keeps you at a safe distance from this tempting don juan Rave.

Trust me, it’s for your own good.

End of story.


Editor in chief

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