Google Search Game

Google grows instantly and so does the number of websites in it. There are 60 trillion of individual pages laid down at Google database and the amount is constantly increasing. This means that the Google Search must improve as well to help their users find the most relative search results they are seeking for. And of course it does. Google uses more than 200 different algorithms, which helps Google engineers to create a lot of specific Tips & Tricks and customize your Search.

Here is our top list of Google’s tips and tricks that will broaden your search experience:

  • Google a custom file type. If you are searching for a presentation, excel file or an e-book in .pdf, just simply add “filetype:pdf” and this will bring your specific search results.
  • Google like a proGoing abroad? Need to convert currency? Piece of cake – just write what currency to what you want to exchange. Oh, and you can see the past years stats as well.Google like a pro
  • If you are looking for a specific title and you want all your keywords in that tittle add “intitle:yourwords”Google like a pro
  • The maths nightmares are over! And the good news is that this calculator can do a lot more than pluses and minuses.Google like a Pro
  • Search inside a particular website by adding “” and then add your search terms.Google like a Pro
  • Do you want to exclude some specific word from your search results? Simply add “-yourterm” after your search terms.Google like a Pro
  • Need a quick definition of a word or phrase? Write “define:yourword” and here you go.Google like a Pro
  • Still figuring out how to make that kind of URLs Just go to, copy your link and make it short.Google like a Pro
  • Looking for a something in a specific time period? Or specific price? Or anything within specific numbers – you can add two dots between numbers and have a more precise search results.Google like a Pro
  • Just ask questions:

Google like a Pro


The tips above can really improve some of your searching habits and below here’s an infographic of a more amusing part of Google Easter Eggs.

Google Easter Eggs

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