If you read this – you are lucky to be free.

Every person has two most powerful treasures in ones life. Health and freedom.

In January 13th of 1991. exactly 25 years ago, small Baltic country named Lithuania fought for freedom of being. All world was watching as Soviet Union attempted to fulfill coup d’état using the armed forces. The main goal was to bring back the communist into politics of the Republic of Lithuania.

Lithuanians managed to hold back these powers of Soviet Union, inevitably freedom have cost 14 victims to this country.  And today world remember this horrible day for Lithuanians.

No, it’s not a country in Russia. It never was, at least never voluntarily. It’s that small beautiful country with fresh air, green fields and great basketball players. It is now participating in ES, belongs to NATO and what’s most important – it’s free.

Can you imagine your life without freedom? How awful it would be… You can’t travel anymore, can’t speak or write what you want and what you think is right. You are never sure about tomorrow and can never be sure about the life of the ones you care about. To lose freedom is to lose yourself.

There’s a nice gesture in memorial of freedom in Lithuania. This little blue flower called forget-me-not, which, as a tradition, all supporting freedom in this country are wearing pinned in their shirt on a chest. Forget-me-not is a symbol that makes people remember – freedom is never easy to fight for, but very simple to lose. Appreciate what you have, hug your family, kiss the one you love and never forget to fight for your rights. Because freedom is what makes us united.

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