How many times have you been scrolling your Instagram or Facebook feed and noticed #when #people #just #hashtag #every #word #in #their #sentence? Why does this even come to your mind to do so?



The whole hashtag thing started on Twitter, but the madness began on Instagram and Facebook. Twitter users always had sense by putting hashtags, but some Instagram and Facebook people just can’t get enough. Not all, though. But on some cases the use of this initially great thing, has no meaning and is a bit annoying.

#stop #hashtag #every #word #you #say

Don’t get me wrong, hashtags are a great deal and you can make a great deal of something. It can be used for many different great purposes, such as generating the buzz, finding what’s trendy or just by finding something, what others haven’t yet. And it’s great if you do, but there are some [or maybe too many] people from cities and jungle, who are misusing it in the worst ways possible. To be more precise – the users, who hashtags their every word in their sentence or even worse, sentences.


It’s really hard to find a reason, why it should be done in that way. This will bring no attention, no buzz and definitely – no followers. For instance, if you upload a picture of you and your friends partying at night and post #I #love #to #party #all #night, it’s really a sin. And your hashtags would drown at the results list, so if your goal is attention, you certainly ain’t gonna get some. Just hashtag #I alone has more than 55 million posts itself or a word “love” has more than 1 billion photos. Yes, a billion, and if you refresh it every second, you would still get hundreds of new photos uploaded. So what is really the point then?


What you could do instead is to easily write #PartyAllNight, which would make sense not just for you, but for the social network itself and for all your current or potential future followers. This would be helpful for you as well, because it narrows the results to 270 thousands, which is much less than 55 million or even 1 billion, so you can take those additional likes or hearts. Still, be extremely thoughtful before posting as many hashtags as possible. Facebook allows you to post almost to infinity, but Instagram gives you a right to post no more than 30 tags. But again, if somebody posts more than 8 hashtags for one photo, it just looks like spam.


As you see, it is not so difficult to hashtag [like it wasn’t before] like a proper user and you are able to truly gain some benefit out of it. Just be wise while hash-tagging and try to understand what the context of your tag is. If there’s none, maybe you don’t need one. Be clear, funny, specific and contextual with your hashtags. Don’t use it just to get people confused, annoyed or to get their attention. Just because a word reverts from black to blue when you hashtag it, it doesn’t mean that you must do that. Or just do so and let Jimmy, Justin and Jonah create more funny episodes like these ones below.


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