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Have you ever felt the pressure of trying to shop, when all the service workers attack you with goods you don’t like and don’t even need? Well, I immediately see a bunch of hands up in the air, am I right? So what’s the problem? Are those shop workers mad for bonuses? Or are they instructed by their shop managers to act like a bunch of dreadful monkeys?

I’ve heard many opinions on this. Most of them say it’s included in the standards of work. If so, what the hell are the supervisors thinking? Who likes to be attacked after the first step into a shop? Not me, I tell you. I love walking ’round the shop, searching for what I’m here for and only when I’m lost – I call for help, or expect the service people to see me wander around with an expression of utter confusion on my face…

Shop, shopping

Yet, there’s another side of bad service. It’s called total ignorance. When you get into a shop and say hello (don’t know if you say hi to shop workers but I always do that), and nobody pays attention. Sometimes they sit by the cash desk and talk on the phone, or some friend has just come by and they are chatting and giggling to death in the corner. I always feel uncomfortable in these situations and it looks like they’re laughing at me. So I run away.

Seriously, what the hell?! Perhaps you’ll say you simply haven’t worked in service so you don’t understand… I have! Many times. And if you are ashamed of a job like this, you shouldn’t be working there, or you have to change your point of view. Because there’s no shameful job AT ALL.

The owner of one of the shops that I used to work at told me to be sincere and to do my job the way I’d like to be treated being a customer. So I did. And maybe it’s just me who was lucky enough to encounter this kind of communication with clients, but here are some tips for you:

  • Never run to a person who has just walked in but always greet or nod at him with a smile.
  • When after 5 or 10 minutes of wandering around you feel like talking to a client, just ask if they are searching for anything particular. If yes, show them more than one item out of the category of their interest. If not, just show them that they can feel free to investigate the surroundings as long as they need.
  • Don’t push the client to buy anything they are not sure of. Instead, always incourage to take the product if they’re happy with it and just need a little push.
  • Don’t hesitate to make an easy joke – they love to laugh, I’m telling you!
  • Remember to give some tips on how to maintain the product and tell them to enjoy it.

That’s IT! Don’t be such an irritating or ignorant shop worker. It’s all about your attitude. There’s no good or bad job if you like doing it. And whatever you do, you should love it. Otherwise, you’ll just throw away the precious time of your life which could have been stuffed with a variety of crazy and happy things in life.

Hey! Show it to your supervisor, so that he can rewrite his stupid work standards. Good luck in your work!


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