Alan Rickman

This year continues taking people from the world of celebrities. After few days we said farewell to 69 year old David Bowie, today we lost Alan Rickman at the same age and also after an unsuccessful fight with a cancer. Both british celebrities also were hiding their health conditions from media.

Alan Rickman

Harry Poter’s star A. Rickman, who brilliantly performed villain of a Hogwarts, to many of us will remain in memory as professor Snape. Indisputable, one of the best actors in a role of evil guys, with unforgettable strong voice and a deep look in his face. I loved the way this man personalized into a villain, with that British grace in his body.

Though, I also strongly recall him from Dogma and Alice in Wonderland. Any fantasy movie could become better if Alan was in it. Loved the sarcasm he bought to Dogma. Haven’t seen it? Oh, you should…

In his career Alan Rickman won lots of awords. 1996s Golden Globe for the best actor in Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny. Also, MTV Movie Awards, People‘s Choice Awords, Primetime Ammy Awards and also many more nominations.

This is how I will always remember this great, a little bit scary, but that’s why very professional actor. Bless You, Alan!

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