Brazilian kids

Sun is shining; weather is hot, cocktail in one hand, magazine in other. Sounds like easy living, isn’t it? During the summer, everything looks easier than it should be, but after that, reality comes as fast as it went for a holiday.

Now I’m looking how my money is melting in my bank account, exactly like ice-cream during a summertime. New life needs to be started, new job needs be found. I’m still thinking of the problems I had the week ago, and new ones are coming from every situation. Surprisingly, I have a smile in my face.


I got that smile three months ago in Brazil, and I’m still using it. I came to Rio de Janeiro to participate in volunteering project. Ready to work, ready to help, ready to save the world. Michael Jackson used to sing with those people in Rio’s slums: “ they don’t really care about us,” so do we? I think most of us once in a life time thought how you would like to help kids or grownups somewhere in the third-world country, to make them life NORMAL like ours. But you know how reality looks like?  They can  give you more, than you can expect, just a currency what they can share is not so material.
Hugs and relationships

I will never forget myself going to the daycare center in the favela. I saw all those policemen with big guns; I knew  facts about the people who die here from gun shots every sing day. Everywhere around I could see how broken life looks like. Until the moment, I entered the center. Kids were laughing, smiling and they loved you from the moment you enter the door. It looked like I found doors to Narnia, absolutely different world. I came with nothing in my hands, not even a gift, but I left with the best present that I got during all my stay there. I got a smile.

It looks like nothing really dramatic happened in Brazil, but that first impression  in the favela was from a folder “ small moments, who changed your life.”  Those kids gave me a  lesson without realizing that. Leave all your problems behind, only then you can see what is forward.


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