Legal Pornography

Are your needs bigger than tinder-out copy of Channing Tatum, who does not even know Magic Mike flirty moves and speaks only monosyllabic words? You don’t want to talk with a man who only has one hundred words in his dictionary, do you?

When you’re alone at night you choose to watch Notebook, even after admitting it’s lame. You just want to see R.G.’s sexy body again. It’s not only about R.G. When in the movie he asks ‘What do you want?’ you find yourself asking the same question: ‘What do I want and is there really this one true love for me?’. It’s time to stop wondering. Honey, I have a deal for you!

There’s a new type of men in town. They’re hiding in new Tommy Hilfiger suits so it’s easy to spot them. And when you do it’s impossible to take your eyes off them. Middle age crisis free, in their early forties. Leather wallets, expensive tobacco (if one wishes to smoke) and shiny smartphones filled with missed calls and messages.

Hot Dudes Reading

These men are confident and desirable. They run marathons and have business lunches with each other. Sometimes you can even smell a hint of fresh basil on their lips. And there you are, in a bus or a coffee shop, noticing him and his serious look, concentrating within this respite moment. He’s reading a book. Devouring black and white pages with his eyes. Away from the world that surrounds him. While sipping black coffee he cannot take his eyes off this white and black page in the large book. His sharp glance leads one word to another and finishes the page. He slowly turns the next one with his fingertips. He looks at these printed words in the same way he would look at you coming out of the shower, naked: slowly lifting his eyes from your toes, to your waist, to your lips. It’s not Kindle and definitely not the ‘50 shades of Grey’ he’s penetrating with his look. He’s reading a real book, words printed on paper, pages he turns with one gentle touch. The same touch you feel on your skin while nobody’s looking, the soft side of his only you’re allowed to see… He licks his finger and turns the next page. New chapter, probably somewhere between ‘Farewell To Arms’ and ‘Great Gatsby’.

So coming back to where we’ve started – the deal. Something clever American women initiated long time ago – a ‘hunt’ of hot, intellectual looking men!

It’s time to lift up your chins, ladies! Start looking around! These guys are everywhere and it’s about time we start noticing them. Hunt, enjoy and share with the world, this amazing pornography us women can enjoy with no shame! We all have our needs.

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