Last Wishes

Death is certainly not one of those topics people are thrilled to touch on in the conversations, whether in the company of strangers or close family. It always seems to bring these negative thoughts along with it. Sadness and seriousness is what comes to my mind when I think of it. Yet there are people in this world that can prove otherwise. How? Let me tell you about this community whose work is to make people’s last wishes come true.

If you think the last wish is quite big of a deal, then think again. You would be surprised by the simplicity of ideas that cross the minds of those who are about to leave us. Kees Veldboer, an ambulance drive, has demonstrated just that. After an accident that happened 9 years ago he decided to help people live their lives to their fullest until the very last moment.

Kees came up with this idea when moving terminally ill patient from one hospital to another he had a compulsory delay because the receiving hospital was not ready on time. As they found themselves with some extra time on their hands, Kees asked the patient if there was anything he preferred to do. His wish was just to spend some time by the water and say goodbye to the harbor. You could not imagine how pleased and joyful the smiles that broke out on the faces of these two men were.

Kees Veldoer, with the help of his wife Ineke and many volunteers, has developed his idea into what is now 6 ambulances and almost 7000 fulfilled wishes. Their youngest patient was 10-month-old and the oldest one – 101. This Stichting Ambulance Wens teams consists of a fully-trained nurse, a specialist driver and a teddy bear called Mario.

In his own eyes, Kees Veldboer sees himself as an ordinary man who likes to help people. So if you ever felt a lack of significant activities in your life, maybe helping someone with his wish might be the way to go? Because you never know whether it is the last one or not.




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