Jackal Carbomb

Have you heard about Jackal? What about Melanie Gaydos? Are you a lover of trap music? Then hold your breath: this will blow your brains out.

Jackal never feels shy and calls himself a trap mastermind. His heart beats in the rhtymn of drum and bass and here we have his recently released fresh trap track – “Carbomb“. Hand in hand with Chillean-American director Danilo Parra they presented a short musical film, which is a way more absorbing than a typical music clip filmed on a beach.

There are Judy Sabin, Static Young Vet and a well-known art and fashion model as well as an actress – Melanie Gaydos. She appears as a dark and mysterious sea lord of dance and simultaneously takes this trap video to the next level.
It’s bizarre, it’s freaky and it’s sexy. You must check it out:


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