RIP David Bowie

Unpredictable rock star, with who‘s music grew up lots of us, lost his 18 months fight with a cancer at age 69 today. He was such a colorful personality, involved with so many projects, videos, movies, though he wasn‘t such a success in acting as in music.

David Bowie was a unique performer until his last year on earth. His latest song ‘Lazarus’ is like a farewell message from a man who knew was dying, singing Look up here, I’m in heaven.

 Celebrities all over the world grieve for ever-changing personality a world of music have lost. Bowie’s homeland’s UK Prime Minister David Cameron tweets on this unexpected death showing his sorrow.

David Bowie

We’ve lost lots of great musicians these past months, including even two from Motorhead Lemmy Klimister, Phil Taylor. Also Steve Mackay, Carey Lander, Tommy Overstreet and many more. Looks like some interesting band is gathering on the other side.

But should we wait until the big ones die and only then appreaciate their work? Or should we be thankful for their great influence in a world of music while they‘re still alive? Some people remember to play their favorite song or the one they listened to when met the one only when musician‘s passed away. Such an iconic absorption spreads all over social networks by grieving and loving only after they‘re gone.

Only yesterday I played David Bowie‘s Starman vinyl, loudly repeating Ground Control to Major Tom. Didin‘t expect these news to reach me in a morning. Farewell Starman, so is there a life on Mars?

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