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Ten Walls Is Back!

September 8, 2015

You hear a stage name Ten Walls or Mario Basanov and perhaps you forget his most famous tracks such as “Walking With Elephants”, “Requiem” or “Gotham”…But you indeed remember an absolutely bizarre and ridiculous statement about homosexual people. A musician, who made people to fall in love with his music, expressed unexpected hatred saying “I remember the 90s and how exactly it was dealt with the people of other breed”. And…boom! All social media went on fire.
Ten Walls record

Music industry also went wild and acted at the drop of a hat. A few hours later Ten Walls performances were canceled, upcoming summer festivals dropped him out of their lists, including Sónar, Creamfields, Pukkelpop, PITCH and others. The nightmare of Marijus Adomaitis was not over yet. His bookers “Coda Music Agency” has expelled him as well with the nude honesty – “Our agency condemns all the forms of discrimination based on race, religion or sexual orientation. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer, representing a hugely diverse roster of artists. Unfortunately, we no longer represent Ten Walls.”

That is how Mario Basanov got into a fix. Afterwards, he tried to make a public apology on Facebook claiming that a previous post must have been a misunderstanding which does not reflect his true opinion. Oh snap! At that very time it was not helpful at all.

And now… Guess what? After a summer spent in silence, he rises from the ashes. During the press conference on the 8th of September it was announced, that a fallen musician will create a soundtrack for a new version of “Carmen” opera, with a fresh taste of electronic music. It is planned that Marijus Adomaitis will collaborate with VCO and a famous Lithuanian opera, theatre and film director Dalia Ibelhauptaite. According to this, he made a statement on his previously expressed harmful opinion saying that there is no way he is a homophobe.

“I would like to apologize in public about the completely illogical and absurd actions of mine. I did not want to offend anyone. Now I feel the need to explain, why did this happen. To tell the truth, last year was extremely difficult for me, because I had about 400 flights hardly getting any rest. I went on a tour to Europe and then it was expanded to US. I worked and traveled a lot – from Africa I went to Australia. In spring I lost my mind and got completely overstrained. I admit that I posted an absolute absurd which never was on my mind. I came from a tolerant family and I personally know a lot of gay performers and producers both in Lithuania and abroad. Everyone thought I went on alcohol and I have not been drinking for many years. This exhaustion made me feel as I was using it again. I want to thank all my gay friends who did not turn their backs and supported me through the most difficult stage of my life. I truly wish to apologize everyone and I invite to this opera, which I personally dedicate to the tolerance in the most global sense.”

It is up to you to judge whether this is enough to make his way back to the stage.. Or…Should we just wait for the opera and give him a try?



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