Daft Punk

It’s finally here! On September 24th the official Daft Punk Unchained documentary trailer has been released on BBC Worldwide France. It has already been aired on the Canal+ TV in France, last year. Waiting for the worldwide release date really puts you on an anxious seat.

It proves just one more time how this 7 Grammy Awards and more than 12 million albums sold on entire globe group keeps its fans on the edge of “neural fracture”. Daft Punk still remains the one of the most mysterious duo not just in electronic music spectrum but also on the whole music industry. They took music industry in their own style, which was really well coded in to the song “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”:

“work itDaft Punk


make it


do it


makes us


more than





work is



Even Kanye West with no doubt states that particularly Daft Punk “revolutionized dance music the most”. Kanye West’s statement is shared by such well-known personalities as Paul Williams, Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams, calling Daft Punk robots [as they are].

Documentary creators’ official website says about the Daft Punk Unchained: “This documentary explores this unprecedented cultural revolution revealing a duo of artists on a permanent quest for creativity, independence and freedom. Between fiction and reality, magic and secret, future and reinvention, theatricality and humility, The Robots have built a unique world.” Thrilling!

Daft Punk

More over, is it the trailer ending up with Daft Punk showing their real identities? Doesn’t it sum up everything of what you want to find out?

You probably got excited already as we did. Don’t waste your time, check out the brand new official trailer and share your own experience how you feel about it in the comments:

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