Yup, even Trendy Trickster has secret hobbies hidden behind high heels and classy sunglasses. Welcome to my otherside.

Only few are aware of my passion for motorcycles and roadtrips. Route 66 won’t be crossed from my bucket list for another three years, so I just had to think of a shorter and cheaper road trip. After all, I took a vacation – it would be a sin not to move in mysterious ways.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here are my short insights on preparing and riding the Panemunė road – the one that goes through Lithuania, alongside its longest river Nemunas, is marked as “Road 141″ and leads towards the beautiful beaches in the western part of the country – Neringa peninsula.

Panemunė roadtrip

First of all – get ready for take off. I was a poor human being fitting the whole universe into one backpack.

Lesson 1: Nothing is impossible – just google a guide to help you pick matching outfits. Ladies know – at times there is nothing worse than an incubus of wearing same set of clothes two days in a row. Just pick five pieces from your closet that make at least seven different matches. Trust me, it’s much easier than it sounds.

Lesson 2: Size matters…when it comes to backpacks. Wide + long is much better than just fat. When it comes to backpacks 😉

Lesson 3: A girl actually CAN survive without hair conditioner. I know this only because I forgot it at home, not that I wanted to test personal survival skills.

Lesson 4: Call a scout friend who knows a few secret tricks on how to turn your jumpers and shirts into spring rolls to save space in the backpack.

Lesson 5: No matter what, DO NOT put a banana into side pocket of your backpack. Unless you want to lose it while speeding first 100 km. I wasn’t the best in losing stuff on the road – met some bikers in the middle of this roadtrip, one of them lost his leather jacket. A very professional loser.

Panemunė roadtrip

Where was I? Oh, the road. Impressive, exciting and tough as you have to do a lot of climbing (mounds, hills and the magnificent castle towers!) which gets a bit tiring when you have a 10 kg bag on your back. Nonetheless, you want to make at least six stops along the way to have a full view of what this road has to offer. Must see: Raudondvaris castle, Vilkija (the observation deck), Seredžius (mount Palemonas), Belveder Manor, Raudonė castle, Panemunė caslte. The rest is up to you.

Panemunė roadtrip

The weak ones take the road A1 on Jurbarkas roundabout and continue their trip on a highway. While all the insatiables must follow same 141 to ride through all the beautiful forests and towns just like I did. The sound and smell of it is very close to what we’re all urging for after being a city animal for too long.

When you’re done with road 141, catch a ferry from Klaipėda and you are only 45 kilometers away from the Baltic paradise.


Distance – 400 kilometers

Duration – 7 hours including all the stops and “ohs”

Feeling – as if summer is your one and only sibling.

Worth it!

Panemunė roadtrip

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