New Year Promises

I don’t know how many wishes You have for 2016, but I am pretty sure that it’s going to be an amazing year in our World of Jungle.

My first idea for 2016 was to stay at home and reflect on my intentions for the coming year, but I ended up drunk with my beloved ones. Off to a perfect start, right? Am I worried about it? No, cause I promised myself to dream BIG and do BIGGER.

I am finally lying in my bed (which is a perfect place to think about Your life) with a glass of wine ( and wine is the perfect drink for not thinking about Your life) so I can finally share with You, my City of Jungle, all my wishes for 2016.

During the past year I tried to respond to all challenges with a smile, coffee and… POSITIVE attitude, rather than letting myself wallow in anxiety. I learned how to be stronger than others. And I finally realized how to love myself and to be honest. Even with my body – one of the first places where it’s important for ladies to cultivate peace and love. Because once You’ve found peace, You’re free to think about more important things than “should I have ordered a big pepperoni last night”. And that doesn’t mean getting the supper skinny VS Angel body You and I are supposed to have right now. Just find Your own balance, accept Yourself and be good to Yourself.

So I promise to myself to…

– Work harder, but have fun doing it, cause work should never be painful;

– Keep searching for interesting people;

– Create my own little happiness every day;

– Follow anything only when it feels natural;

– Fall in love with unknown places;

– Develop confidence in myself.


Sending You so many kisses and wishing that You remember to remind Yourself every day: God, I love my f*cking life! (As my sweetheart said)


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