Based on a true story

Stereotypes about single girls are an absolute myth: as they only sit at home, watch Sex and the City, never shave their legs and just keep stodging chocolate. What a nonsense!

So what’s the actual reality about being single, then?

Not sure if everyone is that lucky, but a Date, His Majesty, is more than alive in the personal underground culture of independent girls. Every date is a weekly chance to get something that you are happy to remember from every terminated relationship: laughter, butterflies, unique and new experiences, fresh outlook and conversation topics, new chances to be fascinating, witty, sexy, charming and not take any step further that would create an opportunity to dive into routine. My personal experience talks: the more first dates you have, the more you want them to recur in your life. I have been in fourteen dates during the past six months. Do the counting – it is not that many for one month. And not that many for a single girl.

Two of them ended in a hotel. Nothing inappropriate – it was our breakfast in a restaurant and good coffee after a long night spent talking. With the second one we had some champagne as this was not only our first date, but definitely the last one. One date lasted for more than 36 hours whereas we decided to have fun and drove some motocross motorcycles around an abandoned village. I even had some awkward situations – for example, after a sequence of undesirable circumstances, I ended up 200 miles away from my city saying hello to his exile grandparents that were sure we are a couple but still made us sleep in separate rooms because they still see him as their little 28-year-old grandson (wow this sounds bad! Just don’t think I am the type of women to sleep after the very first date!).

As a place for one of my first dates, Prague was drawn – since we both lived in different countries. Second international date ended at five in the morning, when we were walking on a highway around Helsinki and heard music from somewhere even further. After following the sound, a great private party was found with a whole lot of punch. Came back, had breakfast, flew back home.

Where do you meet before agreeing to go on the first date? While changing a car’s tire, at a business meeting, in a bar, sitting in the dentist chair, at a conference, at six in the morning by the kebab kiosk and even in church – true story.

Despite remarkable adventures, first dates helps us understand various important things in life. These experiences break and burn all the stereotypes, tear apart the personal beliefs or convictions that we subconsciously create in our heads (or that others create for us). An artist, a true raver, a smart guy or a total thug… While being too busy with classifying people according to their first (and often wrong or unfair!) impression we build walls to separate ourselves from  new and exciting capers to come.

I recommend not to miss even one chance to have your first date. Because biggest fails of all the dates usually are.. the second ones. Maybe we’ll talk about those as well, some time. But for now – glory to the first ones, glory for the only ones!

The most difficult part is not to fall into the desire to have the second date when it is obvious that no good relationship would come out even if the date itself would get an A+. Either way – Carpe diem!

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