Girls with gluten

Gluten-free fever has hit the world out of the blue. Sneakily evolving from obscurity it took your friends and family by storm. People started being allergic, or, if you cannot afford that because you don’t actually choke from eating a piece of bread, at least intolerant to gluten. But when a very strong current practice appears, there always be someone drastically impel against it.

Anyone, who has ever had gluten-free bread, know it is just plain wrong. Gluten is the glue, that makes it a bread! I have sworn an oath to myself that if I, one day, have to go gluten-free, I shall take no substitutes (no gluten-free pasta) and will feed on vegetables and fruits. But that is for future.

Girls with gluten

#girlswithgluten on Instagram connects those perfectly looking (and, surprise surprise, still skinny) girls, gorging themselves on gluten-full treats. We are not talking whole-wheat bread and pasta. No no. We are talking pizza, donuts (hundreds and hundreds of doughnuts), hamburgers and more pizza. The account also contains a lot of fake smiles, filters and duck faces which makes it fit perfectly amongst all the popular Instagram accounts.

Girls with gluten

Firstly, it is just another side of extreme: it’s seems like it’s either no gluten or all the gluten in the world! Keeping in mind that, research on celiac disease states: “…just 1 out of 133 people have a celiac disease. For these people, eating gluten triggers an autoimmune response that damages the intestine and keeps nutrients from being absorbed properly. People with untreated celiac disease can suffer from dramatic weight loss, vitamin deficiencies, chronic pain…” So putting all this information into simple words, if you want to lose weight – eat more gluten. Just aside use some vitamins. Looks like George Santayana was right: “A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.” More and more people following good marketing tricks rather then spending time on research.

Secondly, it is refreshing to see skinny girls who don’t live only on the green juices and new running sneakers. Even if they don’t eat it all and only take pictures.

It is probably not the best account to follow if you are on a juice cleanse diet. But its always good to bring a bit of insanity (or sanity, for your health obsessed cook) into your life. Go for it!

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