Tomas Kuleša

Do you know those movies about some pretty girl being noticed by an agent and becoming a model with a snap of the fingers? Something like this happened to Tomas Kuleša. He’s an ordinary, eternally busy guy with a great sense of humor, though – not a pretty girl. I suggested meeting him for a chat at my place and he didn’t swag about it.


Yeah, I was like noticed – he laughed, – I was in a club that night and some Dutchman fashion agent saw me. He asked me to come visit the agency the next day.

And did it happened just like that?

It happened like that – smiles Tomas. – I had nothing to do that day, so I went there, just by way of a joke. And what surprised me were the comments from those people in First Face Models agency. They were like Omg, it’s so cool he noticed you! Omg, where have you been all this time? Omg omg, have you seriously never been a model before?…’ That was kinda fun.

Tomas Kuleša

Photo credit: Darius Grazys


Is it because you matched their standards?

No, it was because the Dutchman saw me. Turns out that fashion industry is crazy when recommendations come from foreign fashion agents. They’re like icons of taste in fashion. At least five agencies want to get that person immediately. It’s like cats fighting  in a cruel competition.


So you are one lucky guy, I guess. Because as far as I am concerned, people make portfolios, send them to agents, do it again if they fail, cry, follow diets… It’s one big stress! Have you been on a diet?

My diet is quick metabolism. I think it’s my grandpa’s heritage. I eat whatever I want whenever I want. And I’m hyperactive, too, so there’s no time for the weight to get me.




Have you thought about career in modeling abroad?

No. I don’t really want to do that very seriously. It’s like a hobby for me and I’d like it to stay this way. I like doing lots of different things. I own a motorcycle workshop, love the smell of greases, repairing, fixing things and getting them to life. I also work in a cafe as a chef.


I know you were a clothing model for a very successful Lithuanian designer Juozas Statkevicius ( How did you get there?

He simply picked me by scrolling faces in portfolios. There were actually four of us from my agency. This designer is one of those who like tested people, so if you perform good, there’s a great possibility he’ll be willing to pick you next time. He has invited me to many of his fashion shows until now, ‘cuz he thinks I’m ‘safe’.

Tomas Kuleša


The one who won’t fall of a stage?

Yeah, that’s exactly right. The ‘safe walk they call it. You can’t imagine how much nonsense is going on behind the scenes. For example, models can be kicked out and others replace them immediately. It’s because some models are rude, overtaken by megalomania. The designer gets mad yelling ‘GET OUT!’. Or imagine a model whose dream of getting into a fashion show like this has finally come true, and suddenly he realizes that his foot is too big for the shoes he has to wear. He’s like ‘I could cut my fingers off!’, but the designer just sends him away after three days of rehearsals…


Believe it or not, this handsome man is too active to be just a fashion model. He also works as a chef, making food in the kitchen of one of the most visited coffee shops in the old town. The motorcycle workshop is his new project bearing a very unusual name KDRYT? (What to do?). By the way, his business has been successful right from the start. He’s surprised how scooter drivers repair their scooters even when it’s snowing. I’m happy we don’t need to search for clients even in winter, when no one usually drives motorcycles, mentions Tomas.

I think luck is always at the corner (or in a club?). You just need to get your ass up and DO THINGS. This guy is the perfect walking evidence of an active lifestyle that everybody should lead. Young, free, determined, with ideas and enthusiasm. Right, and a little bit of luck.



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